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In recent years, marketing industry has been revolutionized by 3D interactive designing and we have moved along with it. 3D Designs are a great way to bring to life an idea or design that is still in your mind. With creative insight of the designers here at BD Showbiz Solutions, we build up 3D architectural modules and services par excellence. Starting with just the hand drawn or computer-generated sketch, we deliver you the most precise and complete 2D and 3D designs. Our 2D and 3D services span across a wide spectrum and it includes,

Product Presentation
Title Animation
Company Presentation
Architectural Visualization
Event Design And Animation
Waiting Area Videos
Educational Videos
2D and Flash animations
3D design, modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering

Product Presentation

    Product presentations let you introduce your product or service to potential customers in person by which you can translate your message into prospect benefits. Creatively displaying the product is the integral step in an eye-catching presentation and we do it flawlessly.

3D product presentation and animation
Title presentation and animation

Title Animation

    A company title should always be in accordance with the services of a company. So should be the title animations too. An effective title animation is not about adding motions to it, but about expressing the hidden message in it.

Title animation is a broad term which encompasses logo animation, company title animation, product title animation and more. These animations stick into the mind of your target audience more easily than a conventional title or logo.

So, If you feel that your logo or company title is not so stunning or if you find your target audience are not attracted by your logo, just let us know....we are at your service.

Company Presentation

    A Company presentation puts forward the A-Z details of your company beginning with the company history to all the services, departments and hierarchies of the company. Unlike other animation processes, a company presentation includes all the ingredients like animations, texts, images and videos. Some of the unique features of our company presentation service are

We concentrate more on branding and less on history.
We use excellent animations and illustrations to describe the company structure.
We take special care in making the entire presentation interactive.
We emphasize more on your advantageous competitive edge over others.

Open your heart to your customers, present them with a beautiful narration of company's history, background, team, products, services, infrastructure, facilities, achievements and more...

Company presentation and animation
Work activities presentation and animation

Waiting Area Videos

    Make use of your patients’ waiting area time in a useful manner by educating them about everything your clinic has to offer. Our waiting area videos are the perfect way to communicate exactly the right message to the right people at the right time.

These custom waiting area videos will turn out to be the perfect marketing tool for hospitals, clinics, dentists and other medical business. Deviating from the marketing point of view, these videos are useful aid in educating the patients about the procedures they are about to deal with

Medical tips and facts are also added intercepting the videos thus patients becoming more informed so they can communicate more effectively with their healthcare team.

Educational Videos

    In the technologically advanced world of today, educational videos are of immense importance. With more and more educational institutions going towards the path of virtual classrooms, these educational videos are the key players.

We don’t make these videos out of nothing. We clearly studies and understand the concept of client requirement. With the assist of the details and other proven data, we model these videos. Along with the video, informative contents and facts are affixed, making it more and more interesting for the students.

“Actions speak more than words”... This is not just a say. Our Educational videos prove this true by doing miracles which books or texts fail to do.

Educational presentation and animation
Event design presentation and animationh

Event design, presentation and animation

    Before an event, it is important to make a concept, event stage design, backdrop design, gate design, theme design, location design, venue design, banners, poster, ID card, cut-out and many more type of design and decoration. Here we are make it perfect for you. We present 3D design and decoration for any event. Our designer know everything about any event measurement, requirements and instruments, So its make more perfection than any other local designer in Bangladesh.


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