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Product Launch Event Management in Bangladesh

A fabulous product launch or brand activation party is an excellent way to raise brand awareness by promoting your new product to a wide consumer audience through the use of a creative platform. A launch can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting – so let BD Showbiz take the worry and stress out of your event planning, leaving you free to focus on your achievement. Product Launch Event - is an essential component of any marketing mix. A Product Launch is a marketing strategy consisting of a carefully planned and packaged sequence of events with the goal to make a big shout out for the media, channel partners and prospective customers.

Simply put, a product launch event is when a company brings a new product to market. It's the moment in time when a new product offering is made available to the public for the first time. It could be a product launch event, product preview event or special screening for the business partners. A successful product launch starts well before the actual release date and the effects of one will be felt long afterwards. It will build anticipation, facilitate an initial influx of sales, and establish momentum that a company can then expand upon.

Product Launch Event Management in Bangladesh

Planning your sales strategy is just as important as planning the venue, food and beverages and entertainment. How will you showcase your new product or service? What types of displays, branding materials and presentations will you require? are some of the important considerable points. Hiring a Professional Product Launch Agency like BD Showbiz to care for your special day is one of the most convenient, cost effective & brilliant idea.

With so much time, money and energy spent perfecting your new product you need it to be a success from the start. A huge investment of resources has gone into getting it ready for launch and you want to set the perfect stage to present it to your audience in the right way, creating momentum that will allow you to see a tangible return.

At BD Showbiz we understand how important every product launch is to your company and the unique dynamics involved in making it a success. In a crowded market place you need your product to stand out and we know how to increase the buzz around whatever it is you are bringing to market, ensuring you gain maximum exposure and unleashing it’s potential. As an experienced product launch agency we ensure no stone is left unturned and give attention to the smallest of details to ensure the bigger picture is complete. We can provide everything from catering to organising celebrity speakers who can add even more excitement and buzz around the event.

No matter how large or small you want your product launch to be, we have the experience and insider knowledge to make it a success. Over the years we’ve worked with countless organisations, from start-ups through to blue chips, and developed long-standing relationships based on trust and the many product launch events we have staged. Working together, we organise product launch events your target audience will never forget for all the right reasons. Whether it’s a new product, or relaunch, we get heads turning and your industry talking about what you have in store.

Being an experienced and efficient event planner, we can offer you every service required to organize a successful & spectacular launch. From Venue Sourcing to logistics to hospitality to Stage Set & Designing to theme planning & decor to Audio Visual & Technical Installations to practically everything. With the hiring of BD Showbiz, you are always in the relax zone and can be rest assured for a super scintillating product launch. Working with you, our creative event planners will formulate and plan each element of your product launch or band activation right down to the last tiny detail, bringing together the various elements of the event and ensuring they work seamlessly on the big day. From the venue to the decor, catering and entertainment, we will create a fusion of celebration, entertainment and business that will excite and inspire all your guests.

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