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Event Stage Setup Design & Fabrication in Bangladesh

From Conference Set Up to Thematic Stage to Fashion Show Set Design to Exhibition stands, We offer bespoke event fabrication services to suit your event type, style and budget. A LookCreative stage can change the look of an event. An attractive design can catch the eye of all incoming guests. And nowadays it has become a competition to see who can decorate an event in a more attractive way.

The main focus of any event is its stage or set. So stage or set design is more important than other surrounding decorations. A stage or set design & fabrication usually depends largely on the theme or type of event, Also, a stage or set design & fabrication has to be completed by thinking about what or who will perform, whether they have any needs, whether there will be a special setup, indoor or outdoor etc more.. A good stage or set design & fabrication is often costly, so designing a stage or set on a specific budget yields much better output.

Event Stage Setup Design & Fabrication in Bangladesh

BD Showbiz has been designing permanent and temporary stages or sets of numerous short and long events since 2004, ranging from public and private giant designs. Our eye-catching designs have received rave reviews from invited guests at all events. In the light of our long experience, we always design & fabrication new stages or sets for each event considering all its time, style and accessories. We don't use the same design over and over again like everyone else.

If you want you can just buy the design from us. Also, if you want, we can place the design directly on our own expete team. Depending on the design, the cost of setting up the stage and set varies. BD Showbiz has almost all types of logistics, technical & mechanical support for any type of event anywhere in Bangladesh. Usually, if we provide all the required logistics for the event, we can make a low package rate for installation, logistics and can provide all designs free. So there was a special request to discuss the market price by accepting quotations from us with all the information after discussing with our team members.

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