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Wedding Event Management
A Creative Wedding Event Soluation In Bangladesh
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Why Us ?

Your one stop shop for designer weddings since 2004.
Uniqueness to your wedding event.
Strong network to offer you various specialties from different cities of Bangladesh.
Designer touch to enhance the ambience.
Highly cost effective
We help you to figure out the best wedding service providers of your town.
High professionalism and dedication wedding event management team.
Covering every aspect of wedding and giving a symmetric touch to it.
Our development department gives new concepts and designs
Hassle free wedding.
Working to exacting standards and timely delivery.
Gorgeous event but lowest event management charge.
Ensuring that all the dealings with clients and suppliers are carried out with integrity and honesty and complete transparent manner .

Why You Need A Event Manager ?

“ Your wedding day symbolises the beginning of your journey through life together. As this special day draws closer, one important aspect of your preparation can be made easier for all of your wedding planning with our Wedding Event Team, we provide abundant resources for planning your wedding. As many of today’s brides and grooms are busy pursuing full-time careers or higher education, time is critical. Use your time efficiently by calling us during your lunch break or early in the morning.

Most of the people know what it takes to plan a wedding. However, with changing times the various demands of a wedding requirement has gone up within only 1 day notice. So, in order to make the event a memorable experience, your wedding planning shall be in sync with current demands of the time. Taking care of the same shall ensure that everyone invited over the event can have their share of enjoyment and none is made to feel like a left out! ”

Finding and hiring the right catering services is one of the top requirements of an event. Our Event Catering provides a high quality, creative and reliable catering service for events of all kinds Read More...
We can help you with all kinds of Event Décor options – right from conventional décor ideas to designer themes. We work on minute details while planning the décor for each event to give it a different Read More...
Theme Design
Any modern event is incomplete if you haven`t thought about a theme. A well thought out theme helps guests remember the event for a long time to come. We always make sure that the entire Read More...
Stage Design
In a center of a venue, it is the most attractive architecture implementation of any event. In our country everyone can design any stage but not every stage have not been memorable. You can also Read More...
Hall Decor
Event Hall decor is another important part to make your event gorgeous from all. Make your hall environment with some special feel or your event related feel which will be giving you guests few Read More...
Flower Decor
In this subcontinent we cannot think any decor idea without any flower work. It is also a symbol of love and peach. Our team will help you deliver a great flower decoration concept with Read More...
Mehndi Decor
Mehndi night is first part of a wedding event which can make your first impression to your beloved one and relatives. Share your ideas with our team and they will be share there experience Read More...
Musical Show
“If music be the food of love … play on” said the bard, and we have to agree. It will be background or live, band or dj, modern or folk, Qawwali or Arabic, English, Hindi or bangle just call Read More...
Dance Show
Classical dance, modern dance, family dance is also a good entertainment ideas for modern event. But it is important to select a right dance group with right costumes and music related with Read More...
Photo & Cinematography
This moment will never come again, so catch it for future. There are literally thousands of photo & videographers are available and claim to be good at bringing your event photo & video graphs Read More...
Reception & Gift Management
Gifts, Whatever you received or send to your valuable guest, Our Gifts management team can ensure you a great Read More...
Guest Management
Welcome your guests to their seating arrangement, others event activities and at last say goodbye, our team always ready. Read More...
Security Management
No matter where in the city your event takes place – or how complex the logistics may seem – we has the experience to maximize the security and safety for all participants. Security is more Read More...
Lighting & Atishbazi
Lighting and Atishbazi can make some extra Wowoo.. in your event`s guests. You can heir Fairy Lights, Led String lights, Candleholders, Led strap light, Pipe lights, Balloon light, Paper light, Read More...
House Decor
Hostess house decor is also important with Event venue decor. Before and after an event every thing happens from Read More...
Car, Micro bus, Bus, Ship, Horse, Elephant, Palki, Horse cart etc can arrange is not always easy and reasonable for you. We have Read More...
Generator & Air Conditioner
Today in our country electricity backup generator and Events hall/rooms air conditioner always essential for any type Read More...
Projection / LCD
Live projection or few historical documentary projection is a one of best way to make your guest boring time pass before the main Read More...
Sound & Lighting
A right lighting and sound systems choose can change a event environment and make it noise free. Here and there you can find many shops for rent these items but all of those have not more experience Read More...
Website & facebook
A sample website by minimum cost and few social network activities can make some extra gorgeous look to your event. It is also a best way Read More...
An event bar is another attraction for some special local/foreign guests. Read More...

Our rental service included: Tent, Pagoda, Pandle, Pandle with triple, President Suite, Bamboo Fencing, Steel Fencing, Stage Aluminum, Stage Glass, Stage Board, Stage Normal, Stage Backdrop Decor, Stage Wings Décor, Stage Front T, Stage Front Design, Stage Special design, Stage Mat, Stall, Stall Setup, Tent Light, Truss, Truss Goalpost, Truss with Round, Truss Special, Chair Plastic, Chair China, Chair Wooden, Chair Cone, Chair Cushion, Chair President, Chair Head, Chair Wedding, Chair Glass, Chair Special, Table General Décor, Table Round, Table Simi Round, Table Special, Table Head, Table Long, Head Table Decor, Table Bar, Table Tea, Table Side, Table skirt with cover, Sofa General, Sofa VIP single, Sofa VIP 1/3 setter, Sofa Wooden, Sofa Special, Lounge Setup, Floor Triple, Carpet Jute, Carpet VIP, Plastic Met, VVIP walkway, VVIP Hook Chain/Rope, Setting/way Signboard, Air cooler, Air condition, Heater, Wooden Gate, Balloon Gate, Balloon Décor, Balloon Gas, Dancing Doll, Air Gate, Flower Gate, Design gate, Wooden Mural, Wooden Frame, Wooden Structure, Wooden Base, Wooden Stage Structure, Cocksheet Structure, Cocksheet Décor, Iron Structure, Iron Décor, Paper Structure, Paper Décor, Painter, Center pieces, Décor Set, Flower Pot, Flower Stand, Flower Punch, Flower Décor, Photo Frame, Photo Booth, Tissue Décor, Wedding Décor, Toilet Setup, Solo singer, Band, Musicians, Dancer, Dance Group, Joker, Magicians, MC, DJ, Artist, Mascot, Elephant, Horse, Interior, Exterior etc.

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