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Are you planning an event in Bangladesh?

Congratulations - You have arrived at the best event design and decoration site in Country.

BD Event is an event design and decor company operating in Bangladesh. What does this mean exactly? It means that if you need any visual design for your event -- such as props, chair covers, murals, lighting, flowers, sets, and more -- we can handle it.

We can take care of every detail of your event, or simply add that special touch…

Lets Start Your Event Planning Now Check out the pages below to explore the possibilities…. Or click here to contact us for a FREE consultation with our event designer

Our Service include : Creative Stage & Event Design, Production and Stage Management, Stage Decoration and Construction, Custom Lighting Design and Stage Lighting , Venue design, Venue decoration, Graphic Design, Set Design & decoration, Room/Ball Room/Community Center/Convention Center/Hall Room Design & Decoration for Event, Furniture Retail For Decoration etc.

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Event Design & Decoration

    Event design and decoration has become very important these days for any size of event. A successful event mostly depends on a good and proper design & decoration. BD event management team knows where which design will be appropriate and how to proper utilize the maximum space of any event venue. To think about everything such as event and client types, the causes of event, aim of event, branding, promotion, guests and occasion etc. BD Event team always try to present a right and nice design to all clients and then go throw next step on the base of these design to make an event 100% accurate and successful.

Creativity, inspiration, attentiveness, precision: these are just some of the essential qualities needed in our designers/graphic designers in order to bring their projects to fruition.

The main objective for Options Décoration’s designers is to create an atmosphere and mood for a event: the decor, furniture, lighting, sound, floral decoration, etc.

They bring empty spaces to life, in the same way as real interior designers, so that the client’s personality can be seen through the visuals, while taking into account the configurations and technical constraints, such as location equipment or furniture.

Options Décoration’s designers create a world that dazzles guests, leaving them with a strong and lasting memory of a creation that enchanted them.

3D product presentation and animation
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Event Animation

    Sometime 3D animation has become important for presenting an event to the client for clarity. BD event team creates and present any 3D animation on the base of client order (conditional) and necessary of event presentation. We have modern design lab with expert graphic designer. BD Event team is also most popular for any types of event designing with the support of our structural engineer and architecture to fulfill the clients all demand for any event.

Our rental service included: ID Card, Ribbon, Invitation Card, Coupon, Souvenir, Crest, Brochure, Web design, Online booking system, SMS Massaging, Interior, Exterior etc.

Event Presentation

    In The Event provides high quality 3D renderings for our clients that are in scale with the event space, showing all event decor and design details. This gives you a preview of what your event will be. By creating a virtual environment we can apply marketing and branding elements to the space, explore event logistics, and determine the best layout to design the ideal atmosphere for your event. This ensures there are no surprises on the day of your event.

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