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Annual General Meeting(AGM) Event Management in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Annual General meeting is a mandatory yearly gathering between the company’s shareholders and directors where they interact for the purpose of company’s annual reports, audit reports, audit remunerations and so on. A company should follow the procedures under the Companies Act to conduct the AGM.

Every organization has been thinking of holding an exciting Annual General meeting(AGM) event almost all year round. At the Annual General meeting(AGM) event, the top heads of the organization present their views to the stakeholders and present the initial plans for the organization. Shareholders present their various views at the Annual General meeting(AGM) event to help the organization conduct business more profitably.

Annual General Meeting(AGM) Event Management in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Managing an Annual General meeting(AGM) event is not an easy task. Any new & unexperienced event management organization cannot complete an Annual General meeting(AGM) event in a planned and well-organized. Location, decoration, seating arrangement, projection, camera, video, sound, lighting, catering, branding and other issues have to be prepared properly so that the top executives and shareholders of the organization do not get angry about anything.

We at BD Showbiz, 2004 have been successfully managing the Annual General meeting(AGM) events of various big and small organizations in Bangladesh. Our in-house logistics are very affordable for the organization receiving our services. Our experienced and skilled Annual General Meeting(AGM) executive always consulted with the organization and strives to maximize their output within their budget. In addition, they are always takes various measures to make the Annual General Meeting(AGM) event more interesting by applying various new technologies.

From the initial planning of your Annual General Meeting(AGM) event to the final discussion with us to create a beautiful and interesting AGM event, contact us now and receive our quotations by providing the necessary information.

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