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Speakers :

JBL SRX 725 Or Peavey Qw#4
You can also use stage monotor for real stage feel (conditional)

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Drums :

TAMA Rockstar (Made in Taiwan) 15 pcs,
Dark Green,
22"x16" Bass drum,
16"x16" Floor Tom,
13"x11" Rack Tom (Star-Cast Mounting System),
12"x10" Rack Tom (Star-Cast Mounting System),
14"x5" 8 lug Snare,
14" Paiste PST 505 Hi Hats,
20" Paiste PST 505 Ride cymbal,
16" Paiste PST 505 Crash cymbal,
18" Paiste PST 505 Rock cymbal,
18" Paiste PST 505 China cymbal,
10" Paiste PST 5 Splash cymbal,
6" Cow bell,
Tama throne,
Tama beaters,
Yamaha double bass pedal

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Bass Amp :

Cabinet : Hartke hydrive 810
Amplifier : Hartke HA5500 Bass Amplifier

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Lead Amp :

Marshall MG100HCFX

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Mixer :

YAMAHA MG32/14FX or Soundcraft GB4

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Support Tools :

Key-board Stand, Guiter Stand, Lyric Stand,
Zoom/Lexicon Voice processor,
Shure sm58 (mexico) vocal microphone,
shure sm57 (mexico) instrument microphone,
and many more.

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