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Our Practice Pad Equipments

Speakers :

JBL SRX 725 Or Peavey Qw#4
You can also use stage monotor for real stage feel (conditional)

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Drums :

TAMA Rockstar (Made in Taiwan) 9 pcs,
Dark Green,
22"x16" Bass drum,
16"x16" Floor Tom,
13"x11" Rack Tom (Star-Cast Mounting System),
12"x10" Rack Tom (Star-Cast Mounting System),
14"x5" 8 lug Snare,
14" Paiste PST 505 Hi Hats,
20" Paiste PST 505 Ride cymbal,
Tama throne,
Tama beaters,
Tama bass pedal

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Bass Amp :

Cabinet : Hartke hydrive 810
Amplifier : Hartke HA5500 Bass Amplifier

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Lead Amp :

Marshall MG100HCFX

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Mixer :

YAMAHA MG32/14FX or Soundcraft GB4

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Support Tools :

Key-board Stand, Guiter Stand, Lyric Stand,
Zoom/Lexicon Voice processor,
Shure sm58 (mexico) vocal microphone,
shure sm57 (mexico) instrument microphone,
and many more.

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